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Written by Wesley Mahler   
 Here are some pictures of what happens to your rotors when your apex seals break, and bounce around in the combustion cambers.  Or if you drop something in your intake!

Various Rotor Face Damage

Here is a collection of some rotors that have had broken apex seals bounce around in the working chambers.  You'll notice that there are various different types of damage to the rotors.  It usually depends on how long the broken parts bounced around inside of the engine, and what type of porting the engine has.  As you can see though, a lot of the damage that smashes in the grooves is generally quite bad.  Although the smaller surface damage, like on picture two is actually still reusable.  The only modification that has to be done is resurfacing the area with a vigorous sanding process. 

Rotor Damage

Rotor Damage

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