Anatomy : Eccentric Shaft
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Written by Wesley Mahler   

The Wankel Eccentric Shaft

Front Stationary Gear

On the above picture, the left side of the eccentric shaft has threads, which attach to the flywheel. The rotors spin on the front and rear rotor journals, the right end of the eccentric shaft goes through the front cover, and connects to the front pulley. Although you can not easily tell from the pictures, there is oil that runs through the shaft and out through the holes. This provides the bearings with lubrication for the rotors, and stationary gears.

In performance engines the eccentric shaft can be lightly modified. Although the general weight stays the same, you can port and polish the oil galleys which feed the main and rotor bearings. You can also do some other small modifications, contact an expert build for suggestions.

Like in almost all of our anatomy pictures, the above pictures only represent an eccentric shaft some a specific year. But the eccentric shaft is dramatically different than a 3 rotor eccentric shaft. There is also one, three, and four rotor eccentric shafts too. Take a look at our 3 rotor 20b pictures.

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Anonymous (IP: 2006-10-06 09:12:57

how can it joint to the rotor?
Joining the rotor to the eccen
Jingyee (Super Administrator) 2006-10-15 15:31:19

Anonymous wrote:
how can it joint to the rotor?

The rotors slide over the eccentric shaft to rest over the front and rear rotor journal.
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