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Written by Wesley Mahler   

Lubrication : Oil System

Let’s look at the rotary engine’s lubrication system.

Its main lubrication system is similar to that of a four stroke petrol engine.

An oil pump picks up oil from the oil pain through a strainer, and delivers it to an oil cooler on the front of the engine.  The oil cools then enters the oil filter at the rear of the engine.

A regulator valve controls the oil pressure in the system, the oil goes onto the main bearings and rotor bearings and is sprayed into rotor cavities, along the way it absorbs heat, and then returns to the oil pan

A bypass valve at the end of the eccentric shaft helps the engine warm up.  When the engine is cold it stays open and sends oil from the shaft to the oil pan and stops its spraying on the rotors.

As the engine heats the valve starts to close, pressure in the shaft builds up and cooling oil starts to spray on the rotors. The rotary engine uses oil injection. A pump sends oil nozzles in the intake manifold, and to oil nozzles in the intake passages in the rotor housings.  Oil from theses nozzles goes to the engine and lubricates the rotors seals.

If the engine has a turbocharger, oil lubricates it as well.

To learn more about the rotary engine,
go to the "How Does a Rotary Engine Work" Section

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John (IP: 2006-11-14 21:17:36

Way cool!
Anonymous (IP: 2007-05-07 09:53:53

totally way kewl
rx-8 (IP: 2007-05-29 10:42:57

how does the oil return from the rotor housing so it don't burn up with the fuel/air mix??
Evil Hitler Pixy (IP: 2007-06-21 21:02:39

nope it gets burnt up with the fuel air.
What a cool!!!
Schumacher (IP: 2007-10-18 07:38:06

What a fantastic video, cooool!!!
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