Anatomy : Pictures of Each Part in a Rotary Engine
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Anatomy : Pictures of Each Part in a Rotary Engine PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Wesley Mahler   
Rotary Engine PartsThis article shows the all of the individual parts that the rotary engine is made up of.

Images of Engine Parts in a Wankel, Rotary Engine

This is an almost complete list of all of the engine parts in a wankel motor, aka a rotary engine. There are about 52 parts listed in this article, to enlarge the image please click on the thumbnail. Although there are not as many parts in a rotary engine compared to a piston, this is about all there is. The only other pieces left out of an engine, and we are just talking specifically about an engine core. There is only small nuts, bolts, and some screwd missing from the images which aren't important for this. Please note, that theses rotary engine parts are non year specific. In other words, the parts listed on here are from various years of engines, from FBs, to FCs, to FDs. So none of them really go together, but if you would like to see how some parts have evolved visit the evolution page. But this will give you a general feel on how the engine is put together and the pieces that make it run. If you have questions, please visit our rotary engine forum. Theses pictures were taken at Pineapple Racing, so please give them a visit and show your support for RotaryEngineIllustrated

Front Bolt   Oil Pan     Front Plate  
Front Pulley with Hub   End Play Spacer Center Plate  
Front Cover Oil pump with key Rear Plate  
Front Cover oil pressure regulator, piston, spring and nut Inspection Covers Rotor Housings  
Front Cover oil metering pum drive - shaft Oil Pickup Tension Bolts  
Front Cover oil metering
c-clips, pin and drive gear
Flywheel Rotors  
Oil Pump Drive Gear -
oil pump gear shaft
Automatic Counterweight
(autos only)
Dowl Pins  
Oil Pum Drive Gear -
driven gear
Flywheel Key APEX Seals & Springs  
Oil Switch and Spring Windage Tray
(not factory/optional)
Corner Seals & Springs x12  
Chain Oil Level Sesnor Side Seals & Springs x3  
Distributor Drive Gear Flywheel Nut Oil Control Rings  
Oil Switch & Spring Lock Screws x2 Oil Control Ring Springs  
Front Countweight & Race Front Stationary Gear Bolts x6
Dowl Pin O-rings  
Front Drive Key   Rear Stationary Gear Bolts x6
Eccentric Shaft    
Thrust Bearings x2
Thrust Plate
Thrust Washer(concave)
Pilot Bearing & Seal   Front Magnetic Pickup
(FD only)
Water Temperature Sensor Oil Temperature Sensor Eccentric Shaft
Springs x2
Balls x2
Jets x2
Rear Oil Pressure Regulator Oil Filter Adapter    
If you have any questions about theses parts please ask in our rotary engine forum. Also we have a movie that explains some of the basic rotary engine parts. Take a look at the video too.
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!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (IP: 2007-01-30 04:57:13

JB (IP: 2007-02-13 01:25:33

Hello i have some questions..I am desperate. I have had a 1988 RX7 GXL for overa year.. I bought it from a guy here in my area for $500. Didnt know much about Rotary Engines at the time. It had a "blown" motor i think when i bout it but i found that it has a LSD and 5spd trans. I love this car but i was stupid and worked I might have screwed up huge! So i bought another Rotary motor also a 13B from a 1990 RX7 and also with a 5spd tranny so i now have 2 trans and 2 motors and i have never enjoyed my RX7 running! Never ahs it ran cuz i installed the 1990 trans and motor in the 1988 RX7 and i think someone either cut the wiring harness or its lacking something.. anyway, i dont know what to do cuz my newer 13B motor sat for a long time and I never got it running so i hear its not good to let rotarys bummed im into this car almost $1400 and never drove the damn thing.. what should i do? I have watched all of the rebuilding rotarys videos and from Pineapple Racing and love the fact ya'll are making the videos there great and i learn alot. but i now i wanna know how to tell what year a motor is and tranny are there codes? I downloaded the PDF format of Mazda Factory Manual and all i find on the 13B block/Housings are the words 13B and its made in Japan how do i tell if the motor is my year and where do i look? will the 1990 motor work in 1988 car if so what do i need to add/replace to get it to work? any info is helpful cuz i have rresearched this for 2 weeks and i keep coming up with the same questions please help me . Thanks JB
me rollin
me rollin (IP: 2007-05-10 10:48:04

ztjibhck (IP: 2007-12-05 02:38:59

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ehxalklb (IP: 2007-12-05 02:46:10

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unknown (IP: 2007-12-23 20:47:08

soo ya...whats the deal with the pics...they dont work
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