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How a Rotary Engine Works

How A Rotary Engine Works

This section has a collection articles which demonstrate how a rotary engine works. This gas engine is also referred to as a Wankel Motor because it was designed by a German engineer whose name was Felix Wankel. Currently the rotary engine is being produced only by Mazda, and the most commons cars that use them are the RX-8, and the RX-7. Although the concept of the rotary engine has always remained the same, the RX-8 motor, otherwise known as the RENESIS engine is dramatically different.
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Date Item Title Author Hits
14.10.2006 Lubrication : Oil System Wesley Mahler 7781
26.11.2005 Anatomy : Summary Wesley Mahler 8584
25.11.2005 Anatomy : Pictures of Each Part in a Rotary Engine Wesley Mahler 11352
25.11.2005 RX-8 RENESIS Engine Wesley Mahler 20501
25.11.2005 Mechanics : Gearing Wesley Mahler 5674
25.11.2005 Timing : Ignition Wesley Mahler 8048
24.11.2005 Ports : Intake Wesley Mahler 8771
24.11.2005 The Cycle : Intake/Compression/Ignition/Exhaust Wesley Mahler 10639
24.11.2005 Mechanics : Planetary Motion Wesley Mahler 6048
24.11.2005 Anatomy : Eccentric Shaft Wesley Mahler 5863
24.11.2005 Anatomy : Stationary Gears Wesley Mahler 4602
24.11.2005 Anatomy : Rotors Wesley Mahler 6867
24.11.2005 Anatomy : Side Housings Wesley Mahler 5120
24.11.2005 Anatomy : Rotor Housing Wesley Mahler 6130
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