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List of Past & Present Engines

History of Wankel Engines - List


Here you will find a collection of articles about specific rotary engines. All Mazda Wankel "rotary" engines are essentially from a single family - they all derive from the 1st Wankel experiments in the early 1960s. Over the years, displacement has been increased, and turbocharging havebeen added. The Wankel engine is the motor that makes Mazda famous.

Here we will explore specific engines throughout the 20th century.
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Date Item Title Author Hits
07.11.2006 R26J - 787B's 4 Rotor Engine Wesley Mahler 1107
07.11.2006 26J Wesley Mahler 706
07.11.2006 20B - 3 Rotor Wesley Mahler 2027
07.11.2006 13G Wesley Mahler 784
07.11.2006 13B Wesley Mahler 1745
07.11.2006 12B Wesley Mahler 634
04.11.2006 12A Wesley Mahler 1298
04.11.2006 13A Wesley Mahler 681
16.10.2006 10A Wesley Mahler 2295
16.10.2006 L8A Wesley Mahler 903
16.10.2006 40A Wesley Mahler 1150
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