Rotary Engine Illustrated

FC NA - Rotary Engine Tear Down Pictures

Pictured here are the individual pieces/parts which make up the rotary engine. There are about 52 parts listed on this page, w/ the exception of a few bolts, theses parts make up the complete motor. Although the parts are shown below can make a complete engine, there are many different variations of each piece, check out the evolution page if your interested in the changes made.

Thanks to Pineapple Racing for provided pictures & details.
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Front Bolt Oil Pan Front Plate
Front Pulley with Hub End Play Spacer Center Plate
Front Cover Oil pump with key Rear Plate
Front Cover oil pressure regulator, piston, spring and nut Inspection Covers Rotor Housings
Front Cover oil metering pum drive - shaft Oil Pickup Tension Bolts
Front Cover oil metering
c-clips, pin and drive gear
Flywheel Rotors
Oil Pump Drive Gear -
oil pump gear shaft
Automatic Counterweight
(autos only)
Dowl Pins
Oil Pum Drive Gear -
driven gear
Flywheel Key APEX Seals & Springs
Oil Switch and Spring
Distributor Drive Gear
Oil Switch & Spring
Windage Tray
(not factory/optional)
Corner Seals & Springs x12
Front Countweight & Race
Oil Level Sesnor Side Seals & Springs x3
Front Drive Key
Flywheel Nut Oil Control Rings
Thrust Bearings x2
Thrust Plate
Thrust Washer(concave)
Lock Screws x2 Oil Control Ring Springs
Water Temperature Sensor
Front Stationary Gear Bolts x6
Dowl Pin O-rings
Rear Oil Pressure Regulator
Rear Stationary Gear Bolts x6
Eccentric Shaft
Oil Temperature Sensor
Pilot Bearing & Seal Eccentric Shaft
Springs x2
Balls x2
Jets x2
Front Magnetic Pickup
(FD only)
Oil Filter Adapter
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