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Rotary Engine Porting

Here you will find a collection of articles about rotary engine porting. Porting is done to increase the motorís performance. Polishing is also done after porting to smooth out the modifications. This modification is done to the intake manifold, intake ports, exhaust housings, oil galleys, and many other parts. Porting a rotary engine is similar to cylinder head porting; itís the same general concept but applied to a wankel. If you want to make your car faster to get more speeding tickets, youíll need several different types of porting tools to accomplish this modification. Take a look at some of our available porting articles, if you have a question, or would like to request content please do so. Also check out our long verison of rotary engine porting, in the how a rotary engine works section.
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Date Item Title Author Hits
15.10.2006 Porting Tools Wesley Mahler 4508
15.10.2006 Porting Overlap Wesley Mahler 4147
15.10.2006 Conclusion & Final Thoughts Wesley Mahler 2220
15.10.2006 Exhaust Porting Wesley Mahler 3818
15.10.2006 Choosing a Port Type Wesley Mahler 3811
15.10.2006 Quick Intake Port Summary Wesley Mahler 2143
15.10.2006 Porting Boundaies - Limitations Wesley Mahler 2619
15.10.2006 Porting Introduction - The Basics Wesley Mahler 3367
15.10.2006 Porting Terminology Wesley Mahler 2101
15.10.2006 Peripheral Port Wesley Mahler 4304
15.10.2006 J Port - Monster Port Wesley Mahler 3906
15.10.2006 Bridge Port Wesley Mahler 4651
14.10.2006 Extended Port - Large Street Port Wesley Mahler 3866
14.10.2006 Mild Port - (Small Street Port) Wesley Mahler 3114
14.10.2006 Standard (stock) Port Wesley Mahler 3809
25.11.2005 Flow bench necessity for porting? Wesley Mahler 2856
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