Different types of apex seals
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Written by Wesley Mahler   
 Here are the three different types of apex seals.

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Different Type of Apex Seals

Pictured here are three different types of apex seals. The first image shows the 3-piece set. Notice how there is a corner piece, and two main pieces which make up the apex seal. The middle image is the most typical type of apex seal, and in fact used for almost all of the RX-7s. The less pieces of apex seal the stronger the seal, and less likely to break or fracture as well. The very last image is a picture of a one piece apex seal; this is the strongest of them all.

Although the pictures do not show it, there are different materials that apex seals are created with. The factory Mazda apex seals are steel, but there are aftermarket carbon apex seals which are for high performance engines. The carbon apex seals can withstand a lot of boost and will not usually break. Although the carbon apex seals cost ~$3,000 so plan to get expensive when getting carbon apex seals.

3 Piece Apex Seals

2 Piece Apex Seals

1 Piece Apex Seals

If you want to learn more about the apex seals, and their function visit the "How Rotary Engines Work" Section.

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douglasye (IP: 2006-10-05 10:06:14

can they endure the high temp?
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