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Written by Wesley Mahler   
Here are some pictures of expensive, and beautiful rotary engines. They've all been put together by Pineapple Racing.

Engine Appearance Coatings

Pictured below are rotary engines that have appearance coatings.  Most of them have been powder coated, and the red one just painted.  You can do the modification yourself quite easily.

If you want to get it professionally done please contact Pineapple Racing, they can help you get the powder coating done.  You can also contact some local businesses in your area.  Although make sure that they do not coat the important holes, or intakes which will destroy your engine.  You'll notice the last engine on the list has four spark plugs; this was an experiment with extra waste sparks by Pineapple Racing.  So no, you’re not hallucinating.  Enjoy.

Rotary Engine Apperance Coating

Rotary Engine Apperance Coating

Rotary Engine Apperance Coating

If you want to learn more about the rotary engine visit the"How Rotary Engines Work" Section.

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i shoulda had mine painted
burnner outer (IP: 2006-09-25 19:46:05

damn homie theese look badass, nice site - ja
I want one
DCWiker (Registered) 2006-09-27 06:24:49

I want that blue one jeez thats nice I can only imagine how that would feel under my right foot Zoom Zoom
Powder Coating
Ultrashock (IP: 2006-09-30 04:49:17

I heard that powder coatings can warp the housings. From what I see here it seems that is a lie. What do you think about that? Rumor or Truth.
wally (IP: 2006-10-18 08:28:28

rotary engine is due for a come back just wait youll see
4 plugs?
Shyne (IP: 2006-10-19 11:07:22

Am I seeing things????

Red housings, 4 plugs? Blow those out!!!
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