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Written by Wesley Mahler   
Ever wonder what lapped plates look like? Here are some before and after pictures.

Lapped Rotary Engine Plates

Here are some before and after pictures of what lapped rotary engine plates look like.  Notice on the first pictures, they are worn, you can see where the side seals, and corner seals rode on the plate.  This of course, isn’t good if there is a lot of wear and tear.  So the solution is to lap the plates, to simply go ahead and resurface the side housing to make it smooth again.  Now of course, you can also grind down so much material before you ruin the plate, but you can grind it down.  If you are interested in getting your plates lapped please contact Pineapple Racing.  I can't give away the secrets online for free now!  Freshly lapped plates will result in better compression, longevity, and they look cool!

13B Rotary Engine Plate
13B Rotary Engine Plate
LAPPED 13B Rotary Engine Plates

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my hats off to u guys
louie (IP: 2007-03-30 07:01:41

simply breathtaking guys big fan and an even bigger fan of the clips. Could you plz hurry up and make the dvds so i can purchase it hehhehe
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