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Written by Wesley Mahler   

Various pictures of the RENESIS 13B engine.


Below are pictures of the RENESIS, otherwise known as the RX-8 engine. The only critical piece missing from the picture is the front cover, although we have pictures of it in the our evolution section. The RENESIS engine is different from previous rotary engines.

The main difference is the new location of the intake and exhaust ports. In older engines you will find the intake ports on the side housings, also known as plates. Although with new technology Mazda has placed the exhast ports on the side housings as well. This increases the efficenty of the engine, smoothness is also gained by this.

Notice also, the rotors have a new set of seals, the face has been grooved out on the edges of the rotor. To learn more about the RENESIS engine, please locate our article that talks all about the RENESIS engine.

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this is nice!!
taco rodriguez (IP: 2007-01-15 12:54:42

you r cool
tom watson (IP: 2007-02-07 03:27:36

what are the dimentions of a fully assebles renesis engine. incuding weight?
Antonio (IP: 2007-08-20 17:21:08

How would I go about turbo charging my 2004 RX-8... ( auto ). What would be the best turbo application too. I was thinking of HKS, but I thought maybe a t04 might be a little better... any suggestions???
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