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Written by Wesley Mahler   
Pineapple Racing has provided us with images of a naturally-aspirated FC motor.  Theses step-by-step pictures reveal how the rotary engine is more or less put together. 

Although the engine parts are dirty, and some a damaged, you can get the overall feel of what the internals of a rotary engine looks like together.

Rotary Engine Teardown Pictures

The engine pictured here is off a second generation RX-7 (FC).  The images below show what an FC engine looks like as its being torn down for rebuilding.  We start with the engine on the stand; in order to do this you'll need a special rotor engine stand.  First parts to be removed are the clutch assembly.  Then remove the oil pan and the oil pickups.  Then It is generally best to remove the front cover before removing the flywheel.  Once that is all done, its a pretty quick process of simply just removing each plate, one by one.  It is a messy job and it does require special tools in order to complete the task.  If you want to know what tools you'll need please post an inquiry in our rotary engine forum in the rebuilding section.
The FC NA motor, together

Removing the clutch assembly
Removing the oil pain & pickup
Removing the hub with oil switch & spring
Removed Flywheel
Removing front cover & parts
Removing the tension bolts
Removing the rear plate
Removing the rear housing & rear rotor
Removing the center plate
Removing the front housing & rotor
The engine has now been dissasmebled, only the front plate remains to be taken off the stand
If you have any questions about the process, feel free to post any question in our rebuilding forum. If you need to purchase any of the tools, and need to know what they are please contact Pineapple Racing and mention RotaryEngineIllustrated.

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why are there chatter marks?
douglasye (IP: 2006-12-08 02:32:03

It's hard to image black marks on the smooth rotary housing.
re: why are there chatter mark
Wes (IP: 2006-12-08 02:44:01

douglasye wrote:
It's hard to image black marks on the smooth rotary housing.

This may help:

Rotor Housings Video
Derek (IP: 2007-07-30 10:34:02

1988 mazda rx7 no compresstion in front rotor wondering if this would work take apart front of engine pull the one rotor out put used apex seals in (2mm)slap it make to together blow it up in month of two till the J spec engine comes ....yea it sound stupid but would it real on answers
justin (IP: 2007-10-02 22:23:31

hell yea i find these engines bullet proof
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