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Written by Wesley Mahler   
Wankel Engineering Animation This animation shows the engineering aspect by a german professor.

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(Wankel) Rotary Engine
Engineering Animation

This wankel engine animation realistically illustrates the cycle of a rotary engine. You can see the orientation of the eccentric shaft and the rotor housing. Notice that the eccentric shaft turns three times for each turn of the rotor. The rotor's motion is complex, in the sense that it both rotates on a journal of the eccentric shaft and orbits the center of the eccentric shaft's rotation. The rotor orbits at full eccentric shaft speed, but rotates at one-third the speed. The combination of the two motions results in the rotor apexes following the path of a "two lobe peritrochoid", which, not coincidentally, happens to be the shape of the housing. As it turns, the rotor creates three distinct "working chambers" that expand and contract, in turn, in such a way as to facilitate the four strokes of it's combustion cycle


To learn more about the engineering of the rotary engine, visit the "How Rotary Engines Work" Section. Make sure to visit the mechanics section to learn why the engine rotors that way.

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soo smart
max (IP: 2007-03-21 04:02:24

its not how complicated the disgn is is but how simple and yet complicated
wankle is so smart to think of it
so my regards and esteem to that man
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