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User Rating: / 163
Written by Wesley Mahler   
RENESIS AnimationHere is one of the best animations of the rotary engine I have ever seen. It shows the complete build of the rotary engine, and indepth animation on how the intakes open and the cycle is run.

Great Animation of the RENESIS

This is a great clip I found showing the anatomy of the renesis engines. Whats interesting is it puts it all together like an assembly then runs the animation. The animation is indepth, and shows that there are two intake ports for each rotor housings.

Almost all animations only show intake coming from one side, but its really air intake coming from the two side housings which squish together the rotor and it's housing. Although the only problem with this animation is that the spark plug ignition firing is not correct, but its an overall good animaton, one of the best I've seen yet.

If you enjoyed this animation, you'll also find some of our other animations interestings too.

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