Rotary Engine Illustrated - The Wankel Motor
Rotary Engine Illustrated - The Wankel Motor
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Written by Wesley Mahler   

Welcome to Rotary Engine Illustrated

The Best Resource for the Wankel Motor 

Your are at the right place to learn about the rotary engine. This site endeavors to be the best resource on the internet for educational material on the Rotary Engine.

You'll find the most up to date information about the wankel motor throughout this website.

This website was made possible by Pineapple Racing with Rob Golden, and Blake Qualley.

On RotaryEngineIllustrated, aka REI, you will find a collection of articles which will show you how a rotary engine works. This gas engine is also referred to as the Wankel Motor because it was designed by the German engineer, Felix Wankel. Current the rotary engine is only being produced in the Mazda RX-8; the motor commonly associated with the Mazda RX-7 and the RX-8. Although it has been around for quite some time, there are some major changes in the RENESIS motor.

Thanks for visiting Rotary Engine!


Last Updated ( 07.06.2010 )
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Written by Wesley Mahler   

Pineapple Racing and Rotary Engine Illustrated launched a new site for 2007. Rebuilding Rotary is the only online free resource to learn how to rebuild rotary engines through streaming videos. Here you will find new videos each week teaching you how to rebuild your rotary engine; you'll also find useful tips and tricks also.

Click Here, To Learn How To Rebuild Rotary Engines!

Last Updated ( 13.01.2007 )
History of the Wankel
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Written by Wesley Mahler   
Here is a great clip from the Mazda Corporation showing a short clip of the rotary engine history. It also has a great explantion showing how the rotary engine works.

Last Updated ( 24.11.2006 )
RENESIS Animation
User Rating: / 178
Written by Wesley Mahler   
RENESIS AnimationHere is one of the best animations of the rotary engine I have ever seen. It shows the complete build of the rotary engine, and indepth animation on how the intakes open and the cycle is run.
Last Updated ( 14.08.2007 )
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